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Flower essences offer the vibrational wisdom of plants to redefine our relationship with self, unhelpful patterns, and trauma to help us support transformation and access the potential that lays within us. By addressing underlying patterns, these remedies catalyze the parts of ourselves that can transform and heal. 

We want to make healing and transformation an easy, accessible part of everyday.  

Listening to Nature

Over the many years I have been working with the land, I am still continually amazed at how available the Earth is to teach me, if only I learn to listen.  I started out as an organic farm assistant, working to help other people's visions come to fruition.  Over time, I would hear whispers, or get a telltale pull in my center to pay attention to certain plants growing around the farms I was working on.  Each time I listened to this calling it would take me on a deep exploration with a new friend.  In this way, I got to learn a lot about the cultivated and wild medicinals of New England, eventually spreading this practice to every wild space I visit.  

I was very lucky to start my flower essence journey in the hedge rows around where I worked.  Ten years on, the part of Earthen Co. I cherish the most is walking farther afield, exploring wild spaces and meeting new plants who in turn teaches me about their medicine.   


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"Plant medicine is all around us and the  possibility of receiving healing from the earth is immeasurable."

Nicole Crouch-Diaz, Founder EARTHEN Co.


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I love the aromatherapy spray DEEP INSIGHT.  I use it every day and my young daughter loves it as well.

I've known Nicole for years and I love the products she makes.  I'm new to FLOWER ESSENCES, but am really enjoying the products where they are blended with other ingredients.

I bought 5 different ESSENCES and made a blend based on my current needs.  It has been really nice to make different blends and be able to try each essence on its own.  I love these products!

Girl Relaxing

Suzanne Hemmat
Natick, MA


Kelsey Pickering
Saxton's River, VT


Mariama Loos-Diallo
Portland, OR

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